UniLift Model 538 Telescopic Boom Lift


The UniLift Model 538 features a telescopic boom with a 36-foot working height.  Being battery powered means the UniLift can be used both outdoors and indoors without the objectionable noise and fumes associated with gasoline engines.  Equipped standard with a built-in, heavy-duty, "smart" charger, our lifts can even be plugged into any 110VAC power source - while operating - to keep the batteries "topped off".  UniLifts also feature 300 lbs. bucket capacity, 360-degree effective coverage, and standard crank or jack style outriggers.  The new power jack outrigger setup provides fast, easy, and reliable setup, with maximum stability.  In addition, UniLifts can be quickly converted from a personnel lift to a boom crane, which is perfect for setting trusses!  With unit weights less than 3,000 lbs., our lifts tow comfortably behind a pick-up truck, and can be easily maneuvered in and out of tight work spaces - even on turf!

Long the benchmark of the trailer-mounted lift market, UniLifts are by far the easiest units to setup and operate, and the simplest units to service and maintain.  Backed by 20+ years in the rental-equipment business, UniLifts continue to have an industry-wide reputation of quality and reliability. Formally associated with LDC Industries and Arrow Flex, the traditional of value continues!

Proven reliability, ease of maintenance, and exceptional stability: It’s what you’ve come to expect from Champ UniLift.